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Re: Paul Doswell

Post by Richard Petty » Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:45 pm

Although I personally would not want to see them becoming the normal playing surface in professional football I have some sympathy for his general argument over artificial pitches as the quality of some Grass pitches across the country (Rochdale as an example) is certainly not to the standard it should be. There is also the valid argument that with so many clubs getting into financial difficulties having the income from an artificial pitch can potentially save clubs from folding.

However that is a general argument for the long term future and should not be being used now and in the current context. When Sutton joined the National League they chose of their own free will to accept the membership rules. Those rules clearly state that in order to qualify for promotion they must comply with EFL regulations which at this time require them to play on a grass pitch. If they wish to fight those rules then they should have declined promotion into the National League until such time as the EFL rules change (if they ever do) or they should have negotiated their membership of the National League on the basis of not competing for promotion, if such a thing is allowed.

This is of course just the manager talking so I hope that the Sutton Board of Directors takes a much more moral and dignified stance on this and honours its contractual agreements and if they are fortunate enough to gain promotion replace the 3G pitch with Grass as they have previously agreed to do.

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