Dr Royle is not clapping happy Ratings

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Re: Dr Royle is not clapping happy Ratings

Post by TopShot » Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:56 pm

Richard Petty wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:38 pm
TopShot wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:43 pm
Dom Sterlings Left Leg wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:11 pm

Theres a lot there i wouldnt disagree with to be fair.

Its looking clear that the budget this season has been cut right back so we live within our means. Fair enough. (Although im sure i read pre season in one of the few comments made by the club on the situation that in either league we were in our budget would be competative?! Is it or isnt it?).

Unfortunately though our means have been limited as a direct consequence of 3 season of living beyond our means (or incompetence), either due to throwing a bit of money at it going for promotion ('waddock wasnt always good at sticking to his budget' 😳) or like last season ridiculously over estimating average attendances on which the budget was based.

As i understand it we have flogged off the remaining shares to plug the gaps. (What a shame such investment couldnt have been put to better use).

So yes we should live within our means and the manager should be supported at the moment and we all want him to do well but the board arent blameless in where we find ourselves.

Its just a shame that the being run sustainably mantra wasnt carried through and the club could have been slowly but surely improving its position season after season in the league with a view to the ground development finally, really pushing us on. Whereas now its just a struggle on and hope for the best and the new development should hopefully come to our rescue.
some good points DSLL, although i'm sure some of those answers we will never know.

We have been told that this budget is competitive, but how competitive is competitive, and competitive in what way? Are we competing budget wise with other clubs in the league or is it competitive enough that we should finish outside the relegation zone?

It is my understanding that all the shares have been sold, I agree that this is a shame as im sure that the new building venture would have been a good investment for some directors.

The sustainability is the ideal scenario, however after the administration last time around the new board probably thought that we should keep a similar budget to allow the club to stay in the league. It would have been better for the fans to see us compete in the same league rather than drop back a league or two?

With regards to Waddock overspending the budget, the board have the purse strings, if they do not have the money to spend its down to them to tell him so, if they are happy about handing over more money then that is their issue. I'm sure if he was not happy GW would have walked.
I may be in a minority here but actually that would worry me if the building venture was the motivation for someone investing in the club.

The development should be for the benefit of the football club not individuals coming along now just to get something out of it. Its directors coming in for personal gain that gets football clubs in trouble. Whatever you may feel about how the club is currently being run the directors (current and those who have stepped down) who invested in 2013 onwards came in when the club had no assets, and at that time no offer of a long lease and therefore spent their money with no view of even getting that back never mind making a profit on it.

Once the development has happened and the club is because of the development in a good place financially then of course someone coming along to join the board with a view to investing with the clubs wellbeing being there only gain should indeed be welcomed with open arms.
Sorry Richard I didn't write that clearly, I like you agree that it would not be a good thing to come in and skim off of the top of the development, however, with the development going through it would give someone looking to invest in the club more scope, we would already have a good stadium and therefore this would be something that money would not need to be pumped into but instead put money into the team as we would be starting with a good foundation to build on, rather than the Rec now as it is.

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Re: Dr Royle is not clapping happy Ratings

Post by TopShot » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:02 pm


There's every chance recent investors were tempted by the redevelopment and I wouldn't blame them either.

Why realistically should they bankroll our club, unfortunately we don't seem to have a rich fan to bail us out.

If they didn't buy the shares / invest then even getting that first brick layed wouldn't be possible.

Oliver, at the forum Shahid said that there would be no financial input from the club, in other words the developer would be making enough from the hotel, apartments etc that the stadium would be gifted to the club, this is usual practice as the profits would generally outweigh the cost of the stadium and in letting the developer build on land that it would normally not have the chance to build on they would make a profit. - I know this wasnt what you meant with regards to bankrolling the club I just wanted to inform you if you weren't there.

However, Shahid also said that the club would need to generate at least £600k a year outside of match days which, i would assume would be the major chunk of our budget which would then get topped up with the gate receipts. This would therefore help the club run itself.

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Re: Dr Royle is not clapping happy Ratings

Post by Dr Jim Royle » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:12 pm

In football there are two types on Investors.

1. Folk who believe Clubs have assets, either ground or land ownership (or very long lease life) plus Players worth in terms of sell on value (but take note, players now more than happy to run down contracts as it usually leads to more money in their pockets).

2. Folk with big ego's to fill and money to waste while they seek utopia (and how long does that last?)

In our case, I suspect Shahid does have a little Ego to fill and enjoys the current exposure to some extent ...... but also tries hard to build a more Community Focused Club, so tries to make all as happy as he can ............. Trouble being in rougher times like now, he must wonder if its all worth the worry.

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