Dr Royle's TV Viewings

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Dr Jim Royle
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Dr Royle's TV Viewings

Post by Dr Jim Royle » Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:12 pm

I hate not watching live games in the flesh, cannot work out individual ratings as spend too much time drinking and rushing off to the loo. Home comforts not good for me.

As for the game, would think Danny will start by being unhappy. Didn't really get going in first twenty/thirty minutes unlike Tuesday night. Go behind, then dominate for next 55 mins of football. Yes we missed chances to kill off, in the past we've not even had chances, at least we are creating them now. But finally, giving away soft free kicks in dangerous areas, poor defending deep, Keeper maybe not coming off line to put pressure on initial cross? We just fail so often to see a game out, it is something we cannot eliminate from our game, we really need to be clear in front on goals to be comfortable.

HOWEVER, on the positive side, we are showing enough stomach to dominate games to large periods, we put together some decent moves and the players are beginning to get some real fitness levels in their games. Tanner oozes class, Bettamar is proving a handful, Harry chases all day and the midfield looks to be acting better as a unit, including "Scarfoot" Rowe (who seems to added a bit of nastiness to his play). The defence looks solid, albeit still suffering the same annoying slip ups that conceded goals.

In Summary - Last two games have given me some hope and let us face it, so far there has been some bonkers results, so who knows where this team of ours will finish.

Overall Shots Game Rating - A Decent 7/10.

Next week I'm hosting the FA Cup Special in me gaff, the Ratings Crew will be using Gate 3 to access me lounge, we will be bubbled up (Covid allowing) and I will be tea leafing next doors Wi-Fi Password so we can hack into this Streaming stuff.

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Re: Dr Royle's TV Viewings

Post by MANNIMIST » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:04 am

A fair enough assessment of the game.
The performance gives us hope for the season.
And it's interesting to note the every team in the league (bar Easleigh!??) has lost a match so far.

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Re: Dr Royle's TV Viewings

Post by Alex » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:14 am

Hartlepool haven’t lost a game yet

Altrincham and Yeovil still winless

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