Tomorrow’s Midweek TV Show

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Re: Tomorrow’s Midweek TV Show

Post by HackJowarth » Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:49 pm

Headley Shot wrote:
Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:07 pm
I’ve been watching and supporting the Shots since I was a schoolboy, 50 years ago. This conflict between supporters and owners is nothing new. Everyone knows what great potential the Shots have in terms of support and following. Old fans like me would love to see a entertaining, winning football side and a thriving, financially robust business off the pitch.
We don’t have that. So the natural course of action is to denigrate those in control and question their methods and purpose.
When a business loses money, it has to cut its cloth to survive. Nobody likes it, nobody enjoys it, it’s just the way business is.
Money has been put into the club by businessmen who want their money back with a return or at least to be able to sell their shares on to others without a loss. That’s not unreasonable and those investors should be thanked for their patronage and help. Despite all of that, I feel uncomfortable with the idea that the owners are quite prepared to alienate the very people that have put their hands in their pockets for decades giving money to help. I feel that rather than saying “Go away, you’ve insulted us” they should work towards understanding these fans concerns, explaining why they have taken the route they’ve taken and respect the legal constraints the Trust need to operate under. The Trust has a duty to ask the difficult questions because that is their remit. It does not mean they do not want the club or the business of the club to succeed as some folk would have us believe. Looking at this from the outside, it seems patently obvious that the club is playing a game of “Divide & Conquer” with its own fan base. I would remind the owners of the club that this tactic has historically not always worked out for other such clubs. There are numerous cases of football clubs being split up and perhaps that is the next stage for Aldershot Town FC ?
What if another sports club came along and wanted the Rec ? Or maybe the council will decide to sell it to a housing developer that offers greater social and community benefit than the Shots seem to be able to muster?
Do the BOD think that couldn’t happen ? The council must be sick of the prevaricating and infighting and at the very least have been reminded of their civic responsibilities by the Shots Trust. I’m just a supporter but I’m finding it hard to put my hand in my pocket for the club right now with their present attitude. Sadly, I’m sure I’m not the only one. So I would appeal to the owners of the club to build some bridges, get the Trust onside, become the warm and welcoming community club you say you are and you might just be surprised at how far it gets you.
Superb post. The Club belongs to the fans not the Board. Without fans, both from a point of attending and continuously bailing the Club out through various schemes down the years, there are no Ivory Towers for a Board to sit in. It is always said that no one is bigger than a football club but a fans collectively actually are.

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