Lucky 7s - Predict 7 matches every week!

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Lucky 7s - Predict 7 matches every week!

Post by RC-Moderator » Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:37 am

Many of you will have heard of Lucky 7s which is one of the fund-raising activities helping to Boost the Budget. Last year the game raised nearly £2,000 for the fund whilst also paying out £730 in prizes with another £400+ paid already in August 2018.

There are three very good reasons for joining Lucky 7s:
  • It’s good fun and enables you to show off your wide-ranging football knowledge with the chance to win a significant prize or prizes.
  • Whilst doing 1) you will be adding to the funds available to Gary and James.
  • Whilst 1) and 2) you may be helping to get the Shots back into the Football League (nothing wrong with having a dream)!

For those who don’t know how the game works it is quite simple – each week you have to predict the outcome of seven selected games (usually two Premiership and one each from the Championship, Leagues One and Two, The National League and the Scottish Premiership although the real fun happens on International weekends when you might see Welsh and Irish games appearing!). You don’t have to predict the scores just the outcome i.e. Home, Away or Draw.

If anyone gets all 7 correct they scoop the pot which increase by £10 each week it isn’t won and WILL START THE NEW SEASON AT £430!!!!

In addition there are three other competitions that run alongside with a point for each correct prediction going towards:
  • A monthly League ladder with the player topping the Premiership each month winning £10 and those topping the lower leagues £5 each – promotion and relegation will apply at the end of each month
  • A Highest Scorer tale – a table listing the total pints scored over the season
  • A Cup competition that’s starts around November time

The person topping the Premiership at the end of the season, the Cup winner and the highest scorer across the whole season each win £100!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to win some significant sums of money so how much does it cost! Amazingly just £1 a week (£41 over the whole season) brings you a chance to win any or all of these prizes and with the pot starting at £430 everyone is in with a great chance of a big win from week one.

The season begins on 4th August so if you are interested please drop an email to or ring the administrator, Dave Donovan, on 07748 140185 who would also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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