NL preview

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NL preview

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Just posting this from LeeWilsons blog over on TFF, Lee does loads of research and knows this division inside out and is one of the more sensible posters over there. Personally, I think what he’s written about us is very fair and may turn out to be quite accurate. His insights into what other teams are up to us also very useful. ... 3.html?m=1
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Re: NL preview

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Excellent knowledgeable posting once again from Lee. Can’t argue with much of it; his prediction of MM getting the elbow is a bit of a jolt, but if we are indeed struggling badly after Xmas may well come about. A good read.
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Re: NL preview

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We’ve been knocking on the relegation front door on and off since the spring days of 2019 but fortunately the door has opened yet, it will do eventually unless……..

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